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As the foremost and most rapidly expanding coworking franchise, Office Evolution has honed its coworking concept meticulously since 2003. We’ve carved out a unique niche in the coworking sphere, catering to suburban markets, a business-focused clientele, compact and thoughtfully designed spaces, and a culture of warm inclusivity for our members. These distinctive features translate into numerous advantages within our unparalleled franchise opportunity, encompassing recurring revenue streams, a robust base of business-to-business (B2B) clients, minimal staffing requirements, resilience in the face of economic downturns, and a semi-absentee ownership model.

Franchise Opportunities Built for Success

Office Evolution presents an all-encompassing franchise opportunity within the coworking office sphere, brimming with valuable benefits aimed at swiftly and efficiently establishing your location. Our team of seasoned experts is with you every step of the way, offering unparalleled guidance and support that’s truly exceptional.

As a proud member of Starpoint Brands, a distinguished consortium comprising industry leaders renowned for their excellence, we bring forth a treasure trove of award-winning resources for our franchisees. Through our commitment to building a reputation founded on quality, reliability, and value, Starpoint Brands harnesses its extensive industry knowledge and experience to offer unparalleled leadership and rock-solid business prospects. This partnership ensures a seamless onboarding experience for new franchise owners while charting a course toward enduring success.

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Office Evolution Revenue Streams

As a Vast Franchisee, you can offer various services to professionals in your area, including shared desks, dedicated desks, private offices, conference rooms, event spaces, premium IT services, and mailbox services. These options create multiple income streams for your business.

A private office in a coworking place is a dedicated, enclosed workspace that offers individuals or teams a secluded and personalized environment within a larger shared office facility. These private offices are designed to provide the benefits of a traditional office space while still maintaining the collaborative and flexible atmosphere characteristic of coworking spaces.

Private Office

Fully equipped, professional, and spacious meeting rooms accommodate various team sizes. Members or non-members can book these meeting rooms in hourly, half-daily, or full-day

Meeting Room

Community memberships are the way to work smarter and make new, meaningful connections in a professional and luxurious setting. Our polished environment encourages and fosters communication and collaboration with like-minded business professionals, creating an ideal business community.


Flex space is a modern and dynamic workspace concept that offers individuals and businesses a flexible and collaborative environment to work, network, and grow.

Flex Space

Mail plans for a coworking space are essential services that cater to individuals and businesses who need a professional mailing address and handling for their correspondence. These plans are particularly valuable for remote workers, startups, small businesses, and freelancers who want to establish a professional image without the cost and commitment of a traditional office space.

Mail Plans

A day office is a flexible and temporary workspace designed to cater to the needs of individuals or small teams who require a productive work environment outside of their usual office or home settings. It provides a convenient solution for those seeking a professional workspace for a single day or a short period, without the commitment of a long-term lease or the distractions of a traditional coffee shop or library.

Day Offices

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